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  • You may use these as a base but please credit me/ask for permission before editing them 





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Here's a collection of some of the icons I made so far this year. I'll just *opens trash bag* dump them right here.

The Devil is A Part-Timer!


Free! - Nitori

Howl's Moving Castle- Sophie


Matching Icons /Celty & Shinra

  • None of the original artwork is mine 
  • please do not repost 
  • credit is not necessary but appreciated 
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  • Please don't steal

  • Credit not necessary but appreciated ♥

  • Screencaps Credit goes to: kamisamakisscaps

Otherwise feel free to use! 


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 I'll be moving my icons from my tumblr account to here since I'm remaking my account. It probably won't be till November since I'm planning a trip to Panama City, Panama around December and January. I wan't to get the account done by then. Happy early Halloween everyone! 
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  • credit not necessary but appreciated 
  • you can find more of my icons here 
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  • You can find more of my icons here
  • Credit not necessary but appreciated. 
  • A comment would be nice!
  • Also currently taking request. 


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